Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol is targeted at « Biofuel » operators, with the aim of incorporating it into petrol.

Bus Scania
An ethanol-fuelled Scania bus
The role of the « biofuel » operator is to dehydrate hydrated ethanol (92-93°), finally producing pure ethanol (99.9°).

The pure ethanol is then incorporated into petrol fuels of the type SP95-E10 (maximum 10% ethanol) and/or E85 (65 to 85% ethanol).

An ecological fuel !

Under European Directive 2009/28/EC ethanol marketed by Raisinor France Alcools is recognised as originating from plant residues, and is hence by definition non-food.

For this reason, some member states of the European Union use tax exemptions to encourage oil companies to incorporate this type of ethanol in their petrol.

Raisinor France Alcools therefore exports by sea to the member states of the European Union that promote the incorporation of this type of ethanol in petrol.

Within this framework Raisinor France Alcools was awarded sustainability certification on February 22, 2012, and adheres to the voluntary scheme 2BSvs.

The certification body Control Union Inspections France certifies that Raisinor France Alcools has put in place a control system in accordance with the 2BSvs standards.