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Hubert Burnereau
Wine grower in Saint Vincent de Pertignas
President of SICA Raisinor France Alcohols

Viticulturist by training and by family tradition, I have the pleasure to preside over SICA Raisinor France since 2008. With 25 member distilleries spread over the whole of France, Raisinor works to develop the residues resulting from the winemaking process, Close cooperation with the FranceAgri-Mer agricultural office. Among other activities, we are proud to have become the world leader in the marketing of grape seed oil. This activity of recycling and reprocessing of wine residues is strategic for all wine and vineyards as it allows the sector to enter into a responsible production cycle.

In 2016, we created a new company, Raisinor France Alcools, specializing in the production of advanced ethanol from wine residues. The result is a fuel, the ED95, extremely virtuous in terms of pollutant emissions and life cycle analysis that can be used in adapted heavy-duty carburations. We are all the more proud of this activity as it is part of an approach of circular economy and territory.

This new fuel, which has been used for many years in northern European countries, was approved in France in January 2016. Today, I hope that this biofuel will find opportunities in our territories that are in full coherence with the wine industry.ap